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Are you suffering from neck pain, low back pain or knee pain? 


Have you tried posture straps, massages or yoga only to experience temporary relief or make the pain even worse than before?


Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and that NOTHING works? 


If so, we know how you feel and we know how to fix your pain. 


My name is Zaid Alfa & I am a corrective exercise specialist at RevampFIT in Silver Spring.


 I have personally recovered from chronic neck pain, upper and lower back pain, pelvic pain & knee pain using the tools I’m about to teach you. 


Whether you’ve been in an accident, recovering from an injury or the pain just came out of nowhere, the solution is the same. 


I will teach you the 3 simple steps to relieve pain in the moment & relearn how to move your body with ease, strength and maintain proper posture throughout the day. 


If you’re interested to learn more, Click the link below!

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