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Your Personal or partner Training program will begin with a consultation, a complimentary meeting between you and a Trainer. Your consultation helps you strategize for your goals and develop a level of comfort with Revampfit and your future trainer. The consultation is broken down into three steps: An assessment, goal setting and programming.

What's included in your assessment?

  • A certified professional assessment of your current fitness level.

  • A body composition test, if desired.

  • An overview of cardio & weight equipment.

  • Establishing next steps for your personalized fitness program.

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Goals that are often targeted through Personal Training include:

  • Increasing functional abilities specific to your day-to-day lifestyle

  • Increasing overall physical capabilities (such as strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, agility, coordination, etc.)

  • Losing weight or Gaining mass

  • Preventing or recovering from injuries

  • Improving posture and imbalances in your body


Once your consultation is finished, depending on your goal, a RevampFIT trainer will put together a routine that is practical to your schedule and liking. You have the option to participate in 60 minutes of in-person or virtual private training at a frequency of your choosing, and at your preferred location. Your dedicated personal trainer will customize your routine to best target your goals, and most positively impact your day to day life.

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