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Discover the amazing stories that reside within the community! Check out what our members are saying about RevampFIT! Read reviews and testimonials about our classes and Training Programs from our members!

During the quarantine I had to stop my gym membership and I was very concerned about what I was going to do. Luckily, I came across the ReVampFit Better from Home Program. The classes were always different. Abel, the instructor, made everyone feel at ease and helped the group to really bond over Zoom. That is a tough thing to do but he did it. He would always modify exercises as needed for individuals but at the same time try to push us to do more. No one is too out of shape for this program and Abel is able to make it challenging for those who have been exercising for years. ReVampFit is an excellent program and Abel is not just a great coach but a great guy all around!

Brian Ruffin

Revamp Fitness delivers on its name. I arrived huffing and out of breath aka terrible cardiovascular health. Few months later I departed lifting 325lbs and running laps around the track with lil downtime. Did it come with consistency? Yes. Did it come with patience? Yes. All thanks to a supportive trainer who matched my pace yet pushed me to maximum effort. My trainer Abel Asafere revamped my mindset and helped me achieve everlasting fitness goals. I’ve worked with many fitness trainers before but this is the first time I witnessed physical and mental results. Stop playing games and sign up!

My experience with RevampFIT was exceptional. I participated in the in-person (pre-covid) and virtual training sessions and would highly recommend Abel & his team! I appreciated the variance in style of workout trainings - always new exercises that we were performing each session, targeting different muscle groups to increase overall body performance. I felt that this was one of the first workout classes that I really saw and more importantly, felt results with my body!

Abel's enthusiasm for what he does is superb. He makes you feel welcome and capable, and I really appreciated his critiquing of our form while performing the movements. When an injury came up, Abel suggested resting, recovering, and modified movements in order to still participate. Abel really cares about his clientele and truly gives back to his community and I believe this is what sets him apart from other trainers in the industry. Sign up, you won't regret it!!

I have absolutely loved working with ReVamp Fit - from in-person workouts to personal training sessions to their incredible transition to virtual programming when the pandemic hit, Abel and ReVamp Fit have been encouraging, supportive, helpful, and transformative. As a larger person I had anxiety about how this gym and personal trainer would treat me/approach a workout plan and I was thrilled by the welcome and the client-centered approach. ReVamp Fit continues to meet me where I am at and is helping me transform my health and take my fitness to the next level. If you’re looking for an opportunity to take your fitness up a notch, I strongly suggest giving them a call.

RevampFIT is a very well-organized sports and fitness organization. They make me feel very supported and heard. I am very appreciative of their flexibility and follow-up. The facility is very well decorated, clean, and comfortable. They take all necessary COVID-19 precautions and are very sanitary! 10/10!

Samerawit kebede

Very respectful and genuine. Loved training with revamp fit. Definitely a space that allows you to be comfortable and motivated to continue your fitness/wellness journey. Not only will you reach your body goal, but you will collect a lot of gems that’s going to guide to stay on a healthy life style. 100 percent my go to.

I started with Abel's free class sponsored by Takoma Park Rec on Wednesday mornings and liked it so much I joined his regular crew for 6 pm workouts. It's a reason to look forward to the end of the workday! The workouts are challenging but not killers (I guess if you ask him, he could do that, too) and are designed to gradually build strength and resilience, which we all can use these days.

As a soccer player, it was very important for me to stay in shape and get stronger, with the help of RevampFIT and Abel, they made it possible! Abel is a very friendly, positive, motivative trainer who only wants you to succeed and do the best you can! I would strongly recommend his classes! Great vibes and great facilitating!

Abby Francis

If you’re looking to get serious about reaching your fitness goals, revamp fit will help get you there. Abel knows his stuff and has a true passion for helping others become the best versions of themselves. As a fellow personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I appreciate his attention to detail when it comes to explaining the movements and why they are important in a given circuit. Every time I train here I leave knowing I’m going to feel better the next day. Overall, highly highly recommend!! :)

Myra Gelband

Excellent class, awesome instructor. Abel tailors the exercise to the individuals, explains the purpose and goal of each set, and provides positive feedback in real time to guide you. He's engaged and engaging. Highly recommend RevampFit classes.

Susana Hoyos

My fiancé and I have been working out at RevampFIT for over a month now and there are no complaints ! Abel is by far the best personal trainer that I’ve had. He makes sure that workouts are not the same and ensures that you are meeting the goals you set out for yourself. I’m really happy with service and trainer! I highly highly recommend RevampFIT to everyone who wants to achieve their fitness goals in a fun and professional environment!

Joshua Blockstein

I’ve known Abel for a long time as a classmate in Montgomery County, so it was exciting to begin working with him to achieve my fitness goals. Having played and trained for sports most of my life, I’m no stranger to personal training, and it was clear from the beginning that Abel knew his stuff. He really took the time to understand my goals and past injury and training history, and develop a plan for success. His equipment and set up was top-notch, and I very much enjoyed our workouts. I really felt like Abel was invested in my success, and together we made a lot of progress while training. I would recommend him to anyone looking to become healthier and stronger.

9327 Fraser Ave,
Silver Spring, MD 20910,
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