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Our philosophy is that fitness should not be viewed as a punishment, but rather as a gratifying and empowering lifestyle decision accessible to anyone. We strive to emphasize the enjoyable aspects of physical exercise, while acknowledging that there is some workload involved. To ensure the best experience for our members, we continuously adapt our training programs by working with a diverse range of individuals. We offer both in-person and virtual class options. Our Group Classes are centered on building a strong sense of community, and provide an enjoyable and challenging workout experience, distinguishing us from typical fitness programs.

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Revamp strength & conditioning
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RevampFIT's strength and conditioning classes aim to develop practical skills that enhance your daily life through weight-bearing and resistance training exercises. By participating in these classes, you can expect to see improvements in areas such as balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and more. While each session maintains a consistent structure, our trainers also focus on introducing various skills and exercises.

Revamp Yoga
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Revamp Yoga classes provide the advantages of practicing yoga in a welcoming and supportive environment. With modifications and progressions available for all poses, individuals of varying experience levels can benefit from a meaningful practice. These classes prioritize enhancing balance, body-awareness, flexibility, and fostering a sense of mindfulness

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Gain access to our complete Revamp FIT program
  • RVP Strength & Yoga

  • unlimited per month

  • Auto renews every 30 days

  • RVP Strength & Yoga

  • 8 classes month

  • Auto renews every 30 days.

  • RVP Strength & Yoga

  • 4 classes month

  • Auto renews every 30 days.

Programs auto renew every 30 days. All memberships are auto recurring and require
an email to 15 days before you want to cancel.

9327 Fraser Ave,
Silver Spring, MD 20910,
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