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for organizations

Along with working with individuals, RevampFIT partners with a variety of organizations (such as service-providing agencies, schools, religious entities, and community organizations, among others) to provide specialized fitness training and classes. Adapting to the growing need and desire for remote options, RevampFIT now offers classes for individuals and organizations virtually in addition to in-person settings so participants can enjoy the full experience from anywhere! Interested in setting up a virtual or in-person class for your organization, reach us Here!


(Virtual or In-Person)

Are you Interested in a class created just for you and your group? RevampFIT will develop and teach group exercise classes specifically for your organization, either virtually or in-person. Classes are designed to meet the needs and goals of all participants and are supportive of all ages and abilities. Classes can be held online, or in a number of physical locations including your organization’s facility, RevampFIT’s location or a third-party location in the community. Groups can choose from Fitness, Yoga, and Boxing. Private group classes are also available virtually!

Adapting to the times, all classes are currently being offered virtually so you can experience them from the comfort and safety of your home.Our Group Classes offer you a positive, fun, and challenging workout experience that provides a sense of community that is hard to find in a typical fitness program. Classes focus on building functional skills aimed to improve your capabilities throughout your day-to-day life. Expected outcomes of participation in RevampFIT classes include improved balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, speed, agility, and more. Exercises are taught with visual demonstrations and verbal cues to make sure instructions are clear and easy to follow. We focus on different skills and exercises while having a consistent class structure every session.

If you would like to learn more about having RevampFIT work with your organization, please enter your contact information below with a detailed description about what you are seeking so we can schedule a free demo class just for you!


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